How to Cook Sago

Sago is the starch removed from substances of tropical palm stems and is industrially delivered and normally sold as pearls. They are normally cooked in water or a decision of fluid and broadly utilized in refreshments and sweets. These circles are truly simple to get ready, requiring just generally bubbling in water until clear. However, on the off chance that you need them chewy or what I portray as “a chomp with a battle”, I follow a specific strategy on the best way to cook sago.

I generally keep newly pre-arranged sago in a bowl of cold water until prepared to utilize yet on the off chance that I intend to keep the cluster longer than a couple of days, I store the sago in a sanitized jug with straightforward syrup to drag out timeframe of realistic usability. I incorporated a formula for pressing syrup utilizing earthy colored sugar. Here are a couple of tasty things you can utilize sago:

Ginataang Bilo-a flavorful invention of palm organic products, tubers, banana, glutinous rice balls, jackfruit, and sago stewed in coconut milk

Sago at Gulaman-a reviving summer cooler made with gulaman 3D squares, sago, and basic syrup

Ginumis-a shaved ice dessert similar as the exemplary Filipino radiance corona however utilizes gulaman 3D shapes, sago, pinipig, and coconut milk

Buko Salad Drink-an unquestionable requirement attempt! a rich and velvety beverage loaded up with gulaman 3D shapes, youthful coconut strips, nata de coco, sago, dense milk, and coconut milk

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